Packing and Unpacking Services in Bangalore

We at ABT Packers and Movers",render all kind of Packing and Unpacking services to make customers the task of shifting smoothly. In this service, our experts safely handle all your belongings until they reach the destination. For Packing and Unpacking services, our company uses various types of material handling belongings to pack the products and do the packing in a well-organized manner and finally rearrange them as per the customers’ requirements. The task of packing and unpacking also need a significant amount of attention and efficiency which will be taking care of by our specialists.


We use packing technique and material according to the nature of the substances. The packing materials we use are industrialized and provide the top protection for your valuable belongings during transportation within India or while International delivery.

Most of the packing materials used are as follows:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Thermocol
  • High-Quality Corrugated rolls and sheets
  • Polythene and Plastic
  • Wooden Crates
  • Plywood Boxes
  • Crockery cartons
  • Unpacking

    If packing is a stressful task, then unpacking is no less. It can also be as tough as packing. To make the task relaxed, we at ABT packers and Movers. Renders the best of unpacking services. We also deliver useful information related to packing and unpacking. In unpacking, the role of Packers and Movers cannot be overlooked. Our experts and enthusiastic team help you unpack your treasured goods at the new place which is given by customers. During unpacking, Our operate members unpack rapidly, taking special care of your goods. We help not only in unpacking but also in rearranging your goods according to your requirements and instructions.

    Unpacking Services are:

  • Unpacking of packed boxes, cartoons, etc. and removing items from the cartoons or boxes
  • Washing and cleaning the shelves and placing yours belongs in right place instructed by you
  • Eliminating waste and damaged items and keeping them aside for insurance claims
  • Positioning furniture at the right location according to the desire of clients
  • Placing food items in the pantry of the refrigerator
  • Putting clothes in cupboards etc.