What to do before moving company comes?
March 2, 2019

When you have plans about buying or renting a house, you should be aware of some things which would make your living comfortable and stress-free. You might have many expectations and dreams about your new home. It is good to know more and to find out things available in the neighborhood by yourself. Before you buy or rent a new home, go and meet your new residents to have a friendly discussion.

So, when you have free time, try to meet your neighbors in person and ask them some valuable questions regarding your new property and neighborhood facilities as mentioned below.

Questions regarding the new property:

Generally, neighbors are the best people to ask queries and clear doubts regarding the new house and the property. When you meet your neighbors, you could be able to get more information about your new property and the house by asking them a few questions like:

  • Who is the house owner?
  • How the house owner behaves?
  • Who used the property before?
  • What kind of people they were?
  • How they kept the house?
  • Are there any legal or other issues?
  • Did the house meet with any accidents before?

Questions regarding the neighborhood:

Get to know more about your neighborhood and the things available, on your own, by taking a ride or a walk around the locality to meet your new neighbors. Neighbors could be of great help to you in giving many pieces of advice and information about the area. They could also help you to adjust to their community and soon they might become close friends for your family.

So, ask some questions about your locality like:

  • What type of services are available?
  • What local facilities are available?
  • Are houses well kept?
  • Are streets well cleaned?
  • Is it a beautiful neighborhood?
  • What type of new development projects is undergoing?
  • What type of successful businesses is undergoing?
  • What type of shops and stores are available?
  • What things are available for your daily life?
  • What public departments are available for the people in the locality?

Questions regarding child facilities:

It is good to ensure that your locality provides all facilities for your child’s wellbeing. Ask few questions regarding the child facilities like:

  • How many schools and colleges are available?
  • Are there any childcare centers available?
  • Are there any children’s park in the area?
  • Are there any playgrounds?
  • How many educational universities are available?

Questions regarding the community:

A particular place where a group of people lives together is called a community. Know more about your community by asking questions to your neighbors like:

  • What kind of people live in your community?
  • What festivals are celebrated in the community?
  • What kind of functions are conducted in the community?
  • Are there any local area association formed?
  • How peaceful the community would be during night or day?
  • Are there any special homes available for children and old age people?
  • Are there any parks to spend leisure time?
  • When the community meetings are held?

Questions regarding the regular ride:

If you want to go to your business place or office, you should be more familiar with the places and roads. To inquire about the transportation and road facilities, ask questions like:

  • Are there any bus facilities?
  • What are the distances of main places like hospitals, railways, airports, etc?
  • What about the road conditions?
  • Are there spaces for parking?
  • What type of transportation options are there?
  • What are the main traffic signals?
  • Are there any railway tracks running through the area?
  • How the traffic would be during peak hours?

Questions regarding the security:

Find about the safety and security methods carried out in the neighborhood by enquiring the police department, by taking to the security guard or by surfing the internet. Ask a few questions about the security provided like:

  • Are there any security cameras available?
  • Do the local police come for regular rounds?
  • Is it safe to allow your child to play outside without any watch?
  • Is that safe during late night to go out?
  • Is there any permanent watch person available?
  • Are there any street dog problems at night?

When you have plans about buying or renting a new house, try to find more about your new locality and the things available, by asking the above-given questions to your neighbors. Actually, you should be fully prepared and know all the things you might have to face during your relocation process for that read packing moving tips. This will help you to plan your move ahead and prevent any unwanted situations.

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